Thursday, May 12, 2011

Journal Six

I really liked how his parents had a positive reaction to the doctors prognosis of their son. I think had they accepted the news with an attitude of defeat then D.J. would have adopted that view as well. I think having a positive attitude, being optimistic, and having determination to reach a personal best. I am the type of person who cannot be told that I can't do something. Once someone tells me I can't do something or I won't do something that becomes a catalyst and motivates me so much more. There have been times when I severely doubted myself and had a negative attitude and it only made my confidence diminish and the situation seem far bleaker than it actually was. I really like what D.J. said, "If i fall I fall. it's just apart of the challenge. You learn from your mistakes, get back up and don't do it again". While it seems simplistic in nature, when faced with a challenge you have to consciously remind yourself that everything is temporary and the only way to guarantee a change is to not give up.

I can imagine the loss of a loved one because my father died when I was ten. He was born with tetrology of fallot--a condition in which there is a hole in your heart. Born in 1959 my grandparents were told it was so bad that he wouldn't live past five. My grandparents moved from Lima to Columbus and worked with doctors at The Ohio State Universidy Medical Center and miracuosly my father lived to be 41 years old and left behind a wife and seven children. My dad underwent a series of surguries throughout his life and was required to take medication to stave off getting sick and keep his heart functioning properly. He never gave up, he never felt sorry for himself, and he was determined to live the life he wanted. I really like how Pat Furlong has a determination to bring about more awareness regarding this disease. I really sympathized with her notion that she was guilty for passing this gene to her sons. As a parent that has to be the most heart wrenching thing to know that all you want to do is protect your children. What struck me by surprise is the reason she gave for why she continues to push for funding even though her sons have passed on, "Do you think its fair if its just Pat and me?' Just in a very weird kind of kid-like way. 'Wouldnt you want everyone cured? Aren't there more kids like this?" I think its natural to be focused only on what is right in front of you, and kids have a way of being very blunt, innocent, and loving all at the same time. Christopher opened her eyes from looking at this through a small lens and widened her scope. I think its unfortunate that her family went through this but I do believe that in life sometimes we have to go through things and whether our loved ones are with us for a short period of time or through old age, everyone has a purpose. I think everyones lives interconnect and that if not for someone else's struggle then there wouldn't be hope or inspiration for someone else. Our life experiences help us give back.


  1. Very touching story Karis. Sounds like your father was one hell of a fighter.

  2. I agree with Chad. I was moved by your testimony and have been impressed all quarter by your work ethic and attitude. This post really helps me see where a lot of that comes from. We are lucky to have such great people like you in class, Karis. Thank you.



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